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We are proud to announce that we have joined up with Deal Slammer to start spreading our hot and desired tattoos. Deal Slammer is a young daily site in Australia that is quickly gaining popularity. New 24 hour deals and group buying deals are added daily, giving you insight to all of Australia’s best bargains in a flash. Body Fashion has now also listed their stylish metallic temporary tattoos on Deal Slammer as means of promotion. We believe there is a great match in audience and are looking forward to a prosperous relationship. Check the Health & Beauty deals sections on Deal Slammer and you’ll be sure to find us.

Us Australians like deals, that’s for sure. And with so many sites out there it is great that someone is taking the effort to bundle everything together. Well, that is their expertise. Truly, we care more about making sure you can decorate your body and stand out from the crowd. We are looking forward to adding more products to our inventory soon so you have more great temporary tattoos to choose from. We are also looking into broadening our inventory, providing you with even more body art, that goes well beyond temporary tattoos. Sign up for our newsletter to make sure you stay updated on the latest body art trend!

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