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Flash tattoos in Australia!

Flash tattoos are the new thing in Australia this summer. Flash tattoos are temporary metallic tattoos that you can stick anywhere on your body. They are seriously shiny and available in metallic color. The most popular being gold and/or silver.

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Flash tattoos last for days

The hot metallic tattoos from Body Fashion last 3-5 days. Some may last even for more then a week. It really depends on where you place them. If you would place them on an area where the skin is stretched a lot (ie the inside of your hands), the quality of the tattoo will deteriorate faster than when it is on a more common area (ie arms, wrists, legs, nek, shoulders, etc.). The flash tattoos are water proof. This means that you can shower with them, and even go for a swim without having to be afraid of loosing the tattoo.

Where can I wear them?

That’s is the good thing. They can be very discrete and worn like jewellery. You can wear them to the beach or when you go to festivals or parties. However, don’t be afraid to show off some designs on your body when you go to work. You’ll be sure to receive some compliments from colleagues!

How to place flash tattoos on your body

Flash tattoos are easy to put on your body. Simply cut out the desired tattoo design from a design sheet, remove protective foil, stick it on your body and wet it with water. Once the tattoo is soaked, you can remove the paper film that is covering it, and your done. The whole process should not take longer than 2 minutes.
If you want the tattoos removed, simply used some baby oil and soak the tattoo in it. Then rub it off with a piece of paper or towel.

So many styles… how to choose?

Pick your favourite flash tattoo designs first. When you are acquainted with the process, don’t be afraid to mix an match styles yourself. Cut tattoos up, even through the middle of the designs and start creating your own unique patterns by mixing cut-outs. Also, don’t forget to participate in our Share & Win Flash tattoo opportunity, and you may get a free set of your choice deliver to your door for free.

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