How to apply flash tattoos

Decorating your body with Body Fashion temporary tattoos is easy. All you need is scissors and some water. Please follow the instructions and guidelines below and your temporary luxury tattoo will be ready for show in no time. When applied correctly, the temporary tattoos should stay beautiful for 3-5 days. Even if you take a shower.

Follow these instructions to put the tattoos on your body

apply flash tattoo 1 - cut out

Step 1 – Cut out the tattoo

Cut the desired tattoo from the design sheet using a pair of scissors. Cut as close to the tattoo as you can. There is no need to follow the exact outlying of the tattoo. Once the tattoo is cut out.

apply flash tattoo 2 - remove foil

Step 2 – Remove plastic foil

Gently peel off the plastic foil from the tattoo. Try not to get your fingers all over the tattoo.

Apply flash tattoo face down

Step 3 – Place the tattoo face down on the desired body part

Make sure your skin is clean, dry and not oily. Place the Body Fashion tattoo face down on the desired place. Make sure the skin is not overstretched, as this may result in a slightly wrinkled tattoo when it is drying.

Do not place the tattoos too close to your eyes!

apply flash tattoo 4 - wet with water

Step 4 – Wet the tattoo with water

Wet the tattoo with water. It is easiest to use a soaked sponge and pat the tattoo gently. You can also use running water such as a tap. However, you may not always want to get everything wet. =)
The tattoo should be completely wet. 30 seconds of soaking will do the trick.

apply flash- tattoo 5 - remove paper

Step 5 – Remove the white paper

Gently peel off the white paper. The tattoo should stay on and the paper should come off easily.

apply flash tattoo 6 -  let dry

Step 6 – Let dry and show your style!

Let the tattoo dry. Try no to touch or stretch the skins for the next 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the tattoo should be dry and you are ready to show your new style.

Removing the tattoo

If you want to remove your Body Fashion stylish tattoo, you simply soak your skin in baby oil, olive oil or coconut oil for 1 minute. Then gently rub off. Repeat if necessary.