Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos – Fashion statement

Remember those days when you were a kid and you got a temporary tattoo from a gumball machine? Well, temporary tattoos have now gotten to a whole new level. The days of sticking funny cartoon characters on your arm are over. The temporary tattoos from Body Fashion are high quality fashion tattoos. Our metallic collection are shiny and are great for as an addiction to your jewellery collection. Our Dark Tattoos are more of a statement. They look very real and show a different side of you. Try them out these beautiful transfers and you won’t be dissappointed.

Metallic gold/silver tattoos

Gold and Silver luxurious temporary flash Tattoos are becoming the new trend in summer fashion this year. Body Fashion Temporary Flash Tattoos are stylish luxurious tattoos that give your outfit a little extra touch. Glamorous and classy, these metallic shiny tattoos decorate your body and make you stand out. Great when you are going to a party, festival or simply want to hang out on the beach. Temporary tattoos that look like jewellery and add a little extra decoration to your body.

How to apply temporary tattoos

Body Fashion Tattoos are easy to apply and remove and are completely safe. Simply use some water to apply the temporary tattoos on your body. They will last and look fashionably shiny for 3-5 days. And if you want to remove them, simply use some baby oil. For more detailed instructions on how best to apply and remove, take a look at the instructional ‘How to apply tattoos‘ section.

Various stylish designs are available from our online shop. Have a look and choose your favourite design sheet. Every tattoo sheet contains inspiring design that can be used all over you body. Wear them at bracelets, necklaces or facial decorations. Add large tattoo to your shoulder blades, arms for a little extra dashing look. Seduce your environment and stand out. Dress up, party and have some serious fun!

Share and win flash tattoos

Don’t forget to share your favourite Body Fashion Tattoo moment and you can win a free set! Share them to our @BodyFashionAU twitter account or on our Facebook page. Every month we give away two free tattoo sets to the most inspiring photo’s.

Be inspired! Join the fun and share. We believe these great tattoos are for everybody and we are proud to offer them in Australia. Let is know what you think! Do you have a blog and want to write about the Body Fashion temporary tattoos. Drop us an email and we can see what we can arrange!

metallic flash tattoos
Feather temporary Flash Tattoo
Gypsy Chains flash tattoo